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Birthdate:Sep 15
Location:Adelaide, SA, Australia
Hi, I'm Rebecca. I am in my twenties and live in Australia.

I love music, rain and night-time.

Interests (150):

abhorsen, acting, adam hills, agnosticism, altos, aspergers, avocado toast, baking chocolate chip cookies, being different, being invisible, bioluminescence, black books, blackadder, blowing bubbles, blue, books, braaaaaains, captain planet, castles, cat eye glasses, cats, charter marks, cheese, chocolate, chocolate coated coffee beans, choir, clouds, coffee, collecting junk, corinna chapman, daleks, daria, david tennant, david tennant's facial expressions, deja vu, depression, deviantart, diana wynne jones, doctor who, douglas adams, drawing, dreaming, eavesdropping, eradicating bad grammar, fairy tales, fanfiction, feminism, fiction, finding shapes in clouds, flying spaghetti monster, frog cakes, frowny faces, futurama, garth nix, geeks, glomping, grammar, granny smith apples, green, green shoes, gregory house, haighs chocolates, harry potter, history, horrible histories, hot chocolate, house md, internet, irony, john marsden, josh thomas, judaism, kerry greenwood, kittens, knitting, knowing things others don't, laughing at romance novels, lemon demon, lirael, lirael/nick, literature, long hair, mogget, monty python, more books, murder of bindy mackenzie, music, musicals, my friends, nerds, nicholas sayre, nick/lirael, nonconformist people, not giving straight answers, old kingdom, omgwtf?, once upon a time..., op-shops, phryne fisher, potter puppet pals, questionable content, rain, rainbows, random observations, randomness, rapunzel, reading, red dwarf, ron/hermione, ruby gloom, rundle mall, sabriel, sarcasm, scrubs, shiny objects, shiny things, singing, skittles, sleep, sleeping, sleeping during daytime, sleeping in, snarkiness, snarking at people, snow, so many books, spelling, stars, subtle syllepsis, teal nailpolish, tenth doctor, the chaser, the doctor, the internet, the middle ages, the simpsons, the sims, thunderstorms, timey wimey stuff, trivia, urban dead, urinetown, vworp vworp!, wearing my pajamas outside, weird ideas, wikipedia, women's rights, wooooeeeeeeeoooooooh, writing, zombies
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